“Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.” – Anonymous

About Maria Krisette Capati

I’m Maria Krisette, a professional writer and copywriter from the Philippines and always in transit. I prefer using my second name, Krisette (Kree-set). Clients also call me Kris.
I’ve been in the online media industry since 2011. I enjoy the digital-nomad-kind-of-life, working the millennial way. I love to travel and learn different cultures and languages and I’d like to be a polyglot by 35 years old. My expertise includes blogging, SEO article writing, copywriting, creative writing and business writing – in a nutshell, CONTENT.
Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy reading my thought-pieces here. I’ll be covering a variety of topics to pique your curiosity such as online writing, digital marketing, business concepts, start-ups, ideas, analysis, opinions, reviews, travel, Millennials, life and relationships, faith and more.
My goal is to provide thought-provoking pieces that will help you improve your productivity and digital life as well as spark discussions on some areas and issues so we can learn from each other, whether it’s about innovation or that controversial keto diet.

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From MLM to professional writer

As an INFP (Introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Perception), you’ll find me either working in a quiet place, enjoying a cup of coffee while curled up with a book or scribbling some notes. I draw my strength from solitude. I relish intimate conversations with selected friends, mentors, and like-minded people once in a while.

9-to-5 job isn’t my cup of tea. After graduation, I worked as a network marketer in an MLM company where I sold beauty and anti-aging products. I got tired of shooting for the monthly sales volume and recruiting people.

I quit and ended up broke and swamped in a huge amount of debts. It was the most traumatic experience in my life ever. The products were fantastic, but the business model wasn’t for me. A few months after that ordeal, a friend suggested oDesk (rebranded as Upwork) to me. I gave it a shot and applied for several VA and online writing jobs.

From there I built my writing portfolio. I started with Christianity and personal development topics. Then I covered mobile app reviews, consumer electronics and then business concepts until I learned the nooks and crannies of online media from SEO to blogging to social media marketing, copywriting and the rest was history.

Freelance professional writer by day, a traveler all year ’round

Powered by more than 52,000 cups of coffee since 2011, I’ve helped more than 100 companies around the world, whether via contract, on-demand or long-term basis. Throughout my freelance writing career, I’ve delivered articles and copywriting ads that drove a significant amount of traffic to my clients’ websites.

Through the years, I learned the value of these two virtues that money can’t buy: Integrity and Consistency. That’s why I strive hard to maintain constant improvement, keeping up with the latest trends, practices, and business models. I’m a work in progress every day.

They say content is king. That’s true. But I say originality is king while execution is queen. There are millions of resources on strategies and tips to build a business. But I also learned that in as much as everyone’s talents and skills come in different shapes and sizes, it’s the execution – how you apply these principles to achieve the desired results – that will determine who are the professionals and amateurs.

Of course, I bet you want to work with the pro! So, look no further.


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City of San Fernando, Pampanga, 2000 Philippines